Saturday, May 9, 2015

Oh this crazy thing called life.......

Well, here we are again, almost two years later since my last post. Wow, where does the time go?!! No really, I keep looking for it, and can't seem to find it! :) One may say I just gave up on the blog idea. But, I never really did; just let this crazy life get in the way & kept putting it to the wayside. But, my thoughts have more been in my personal journals, so, I've still been getting the therapeutic benefits of writing, just keeping those crazy things that go on in my head, to myself (well, there & to the many family & friends who unfortunately get to hear me let it out when needed! :) ). I've always, since a kid, enjoyed writing. Whether it's journaling, in a poem, or finding a way to voice my thoughts out to many of you. It's fair to say that it's always been hard to keep me quiet! Just ask my teachers & family! :) So, I plan to make it a new goal to get back to this regularly. Maybe somewhere along the line, I hope to inspire a few of you along the way. Or, if it's a day I need someone to laugh with, cry with, or whatever it may be, that I can share it with some of you! :) 

So, let's talk about the crazy thing called life & what kind of things are going on in it. Let's just say the last few years, in particular, have been extra tough for a number of reasons. But, we all have these times in life, and obstacles will arise. How we choose to get through them is up to us. We can let it get the best of us, or we can choose to make the best of what it is! Trust me, I realize this is not so easy some days, and that's OK too! Because there is always a new day ahead, when it feels like one was more than you can handle! We've seen a # of losses between Dad, Grandma, Jen & friends. It's made me think all the more about how short life is, and how we need to do our part in making the most of it! Sometimes big changes need to happen in order to continue to thrive & grow, and in our case, that is all too real! Without going in to any reasons why; but, accepting what is our new reality, our family dynamics are all in the midst of big changes, as The Coleman Five will not be quite the same. Doug & I have decided it's time to move on, and get divorced. That darn "D" word...something you never imagine happening to you!! Especially after 27 years together!! But, you can choose to make it mean & ugly, or you can take the high road, and make the best of what is already a difficult situation. Our only hopes are that we can be good friends again, and that each other finds their own happiness! Of course, some out there are not going to understand, or comprehend how we could do this after so long. Some are going to make their own judgments, or maybe create their own story out of it. But, we can only hope the people who love us will respect our decision & trust what we are doing, is the right thing. This is our story, and it's only up to us to live the lives we so deserve! This doesn't mean I will ever stop loving him. He's been a part of me for more than half of my life, and he is the father of our beautiful children. I am grateful for the good man/father that he is, and for the hard worker he's always been. We were just kids when we first started out, and have grown up together, learning how to be responsible adults. We've had many happy memories, that I will always treasure. I truly just want to see him healthy & happy, even if that means it's not with me by his side! We will still be The Coleman Five, just in a different way. I know this is a huge shock to many out there, as we've tried to keep our personal issues to ourselves, as it should be. We all still love you, our family & friends, just the same and know you care about us, and hope the best for us, and the kids. We will get through this, stronger than ever! Just give us time to get past this rough phase, as we transition to our new lives. Who knows what the future will hold?! I just have to have faith that brighter days are ahead, and that we still hopefully have half our lives ahead to soak up all the things this world can bring to us! 

On that note, peace be with you all.....may you all be making the most of life & soaking up all the beauties you are surrounded by in this world! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hey attention!!

And here we are, once again, almost another 6 months since the last one....."Hi again!" Yep, time does go faster & faster the older you get. You know, adults are pretty wise after all, who would have thought? Certainly not me, as a child! WE were the ones who knew everything! Well, so we thought, right? Why do you think we're in such a hurry to grow up when we're young? Really....adulthood is not all fun & games like you think!! Seriously....just don't think I could stress enough about just enjoy being a kid (then you'll be a much better "kid at heart" when you do have to be an adult!:) ). Sure, it's nice to take vacations, and have fancy vehicles to ride,etc.....but, don't think it's so easy to just get there without working really hard for it! Don't worry, your hard work will pay off....and that day will be here sooner than you think, if you do it right! But, there's the it right! Yes, you'll have lessons along the way; but, trust me, it can hard enough, without adding any more to it. Again, trust me on this! :) Your best to appreciate all those around you, and learn from each other. Love your friends, your classmates, your family. I thought I'd share a few good reminders from the ones I've collected from others. It's good to remind ourselves each day!
 Sure, there's plenty to blog about (and maybe I can actually get back to that soon....hoping so! :) ); but, since I can't even catch up to myself, guess I'll just have to throw out tidbits of wisdom in my head every now & then, to let you know I'm still here. 
 Peace out! :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Dear Sweet Jen

On Friday, March 1st, our family suffered the hardest thing we've ever been faced with, as we lost our beautiful niece/sister/daughter/grand daughter, Jennica, to a tragic freak accident. Here we are, 11 days later, and I'm still in shock that she is no longer here. A lot has happened over this week, as we come together & face our new reality. I can't even begin to express how much my heart hurts for my sister, Sherrie; nieces, Anjila & Sierra; and her father, Dave. Though we all have our own sinerios, my heart also hurts for my Mom as well who has, in less than 2 years, has had to go through losing her husband, Mother & now Grand Daughter! :(  I could go on & on about what a powerful service it was, and how everything really came together well. I'm sure I will be coming back to this; but, for now, I wanted to take a moment to share the poem I wrote for her, and read at the funeral. Our family has the most amazing support groups...we can feel all the love, prayers & support coming our way. Thank you to all of you out there who are part of it, as this is what will help us get through all this madness!
Our dear sweet Jen…It’s so hard to believe that you’re actually gone.
Our hearts are full of pain; we’re not sure how we can stay strong!
As the 1st born Grandchild, as well as the 1st Great-Grandchild too,
You brought a new joy to our family, like no other baby could ever do!
Uncle Bug & I sure loved the times we got to watch you & your sis.
We got to practice our skills at parenting, before we began our own parental bliss!
You’ve always kept us laughing & sometimes shocked at the things you would say. J
But, seeing your beautiful soul, radiant smile & sparkling eyes, would always make our day!
We have to believe there’s a reason, that things are, now, what they are.
You’re an angel in the sky. We have no doubt you’ll help guide us from afar.
I can see you now, holding Grandpa’s hand, as you are walking down the lane.
Taking all the balloons we’re sending up, and being completely free of pain.
We know you’ll be looking down, sending all your blessings & love.
As I’m sure we’ll feel your presence, coming from the Heavens up above.
We’ll sure miss you Jen, we’ll think of you every day!
We’ll keep you close to our hearts, and within there, we will hear what you have to say.
I’m sure you’ll keep us smiling, and probably prank us once or twice! J
And, somehow you’ll find a way, to give us just the right advice!
Know you’ll be missed dearly…we’ll always love you Jen!
We will look forward to the time that we are together again.
I guess that sums it up, as we figure out how to move on somehow.
All else I have to say is…. “Bye, Sweet Jen, Bye…..For Now!”

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rocking Out to the Good Oldies!

As long as we're talking about our love of music, and great shows, we must also include another big night of the summer shared with great friends, the Journey/Pat Benetar/Loverboy concert. This is where my oldness kicks in, as to why I appreciated this one so much! :)
Fun to see my fellow Jazzerbabe, Connie, and husband there! :)
Why do I try these poses when I clearly can't do them very well?! :)
Love sharing so many happy memories with mys Sistas! :)
Besties together again! so glad Karolyn made the drive up to share the night with us! :)
Glad Doug & Jeff joined us as well. It's not just the girls that wanna have fun! :)
...though we obviously show our excitement a little more! Ha Ha :)

Fun running into classmate, Kristina, too!
....and friend/teammate, Michelle, from softball too!
Oh yea, we were rockin' & all singing loud! :)
Loverboy Rockin' It!

Not sure why I didn't get pics of Pat Benetar; but, she was also very entertaining. And despite Journey not having the infamous Steve Perry, I was still very entertained by their newest vocalist, Arnel Penida. Amazing how much he sounds like him too!! They certainly put on a fabulous show! :)
Needless to say, we sang our hearts out, which could explain why I had no voice the next morning! All worth it of course!! :)

Getting to enjoy Michael Franti & Spearhead again!

OK, so as I'm rewinding back to missed events on the blog last year..I realized some were never finished. I really thought I already posted this; but, there it was in the drafts, just waiting for me to finish! :) If you recall from the previous year's post & how excited I was to get to see Michael Franti & Spearhead, and how much I needed that inspiration just the day after Dad died, you understand why I was thrilled they came back this summer! And even better, that we were lucky enough to get front row, thanks to great people taking care of us! 'Preciate ya for making sure it happened buddy! :)
And the fun began....
They are so entertaining, and sing happy, beautiful music!
Michael loves to play up to the crowd & get everyone involved!
He brings so much goodness, and does so much to bring peace to this world! Beyond his music, he strives to make a difference. Which is also why I love him! 
Needless to say, we were thoroughly entertained! :)

Like I said, he loves to get the crowd involved in his shows! Maybe one year I'll get to go up! :)
A highlight of the night was seeing our new friends, Cecilia & Josh, who were standing by us, get to go on stage & jam with him! They told of of a fabulous story where Michael played along with Josh's request to propose to Cecilia on stage from a previous concert. He remembered them when he saw them, and had them come up again. Seriously, how awesome is that?! And now we have 2 new awesome friends! :)  
I was also happy to share the fun, and front row space, with fellow co-worker Jessica. She's a doll...and I think one of the only people I know that cries when they are so happy! :) (which explains why she was in tears during the show :) )
Like last year, once again, he got the kids up to sing & dance with him, which you've just got to love. How exciting for them! :) 

And even took some pictures with their cameras! :)
Once again, fabulous show guys. Thanks for bringing goodness to our city! :)
And yes, I even got to hug him! :) (really wish I got better pics though, darn it!)

Cecilia & Josh getting to see him after the show again
Oh, how I love my concerts....and music for that matter. As I write this while I watch a fabulous year of the Grammy Awards, I can only think, "Where would we be without our music?" It's what fills our soul, gets us through the rough days, helps us enjoy the good days, wakes us up when we need a little boost, and what gets us groovin' when we hear our favorite tunes! God Bless all the talents musicians out there who make the struggle to make it happen!